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Dog in a toy car. Photo by Syd Smith

A gallery of dogs and other characters

Scrabbling around collections of amateur and family photos, several common themes naturally emerge. In previous posts I’ve covered fishing and beachgoing. This time it’s pets – mostly dogs. People do love their pets, and they do love to photograph them. Here is just a handful of pet photos from our collection.

The photographer is watching the kids. The girl is watching the camera. The baby is watching the dog.

I think the dog is making rude remarks about the cyclist’s shorts.

In this 1968 Cessnock shot by Horst Griep, the dog seems to be making sure the lady is typing the truth.

Artist William Dobell getting some canine help. Photo by Ron Morrison.

The dog is doubling the big guy on his Harley. Photo by Syd Smith.

The old dog with kid in the rustic wheelbarrow shot is always a winner.

Then again, sheep can make charming companions, right? Love the Furphy water cart.

What’s that you said Skip?

Helping with the shopping. Now that’s a good dog. Photo by Ron Morrison.

It’s those matching expressions again.

Phodographer. Picture by Ron Morrison.

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