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You are currently viewing Biden their time until whatever comes next . . .

Biden their time until whatever comes next . . .

Well, US Democrats: what did you honestly expect?

You did away with the only inspiring candidate you’ve had in years – Bernie Sanders – and put up instead a doddering old warmonger with creepily wandering hands. Because deep down your party machine is happier to live with Trump in the White House than it would have been to face the risk of the political and social reforms your country sorely needs. Because the status quo is what feeds the army of careerists in your party, and the status quo is what your billionaire sponsors want to preserve more than anything else on Earth.

Maybe you thought Trump would lose just because he’s bad and crazy. Or maybe you don’t even care if he gets another term, because you figure your turn will just have to come one day and in the meantime you are on the big old gravy train anyway. I wonder.

Anglophone symmetry

And I also admire the symmetry of events in the other great Anglophone centre of power, England, where the Labour Party has bust its butt to do away with Jeremy Corbyn, using the most ludicrously spurious accusations of anti-Semitism that I’ve seen in a while.

The so-called “progressive” political parties in the Western “democracies” are joined at the hip to the same powerful interests that fuel the “conservative” parties and the only thing they have to offer the great mass of betrayed voters is the dubious suggestion that they probably won’t shaft the little folk quite as hard as the Tories and the GOP. Except fewer people are buying the line any more. Lots of American voters thought Hilary Clinton sucked, and plenty of them don’t care much for Joe Biden either.

Why anybody would vote for the appalling Donald Trump is beyond me, except I think maybe they are so angry with the slick lying war-mongering sleazebags of machine politics that they prefer a giant two-year-old nutcase who looks exactly like what he is – a jerk. Maybe they like that he is smashing the place apart. Maybe they feel like all the other career politicians were doing that anyway.

I don’t think America is as big a basket-case as it seems from a lot of reporting, but it’s sure been messed up over the past few decades. Career politicians smiled and shrugged while millions of jobs got exported and while the economy their cronies and donors built just vacuumed wealth from the pockets of practically everybody and fed it into the tax-havens of the super-rich. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Why do you suppose that it’s possible for people like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn to even get a start in the race these days, when they utter the word “socialism” openly and without embarrassment? Seriously, even 10 years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. But the transnational political duopoly – Democrat/ Republican, Labour/Tory, Labor/Liberal – has sold out the general populations of the “democracies” so comprehensively in favour of its rich paymasters that more and more people are thinking seriously about what’s gone wrong and wondering how it might be fixed.

Maniac populists benefit

Since the rich won’t give up a brass razoo voluntarily, and the politicians are too weak and compromised to try to make them, the screwing will keep going until the whole shebang blows up in all their faces. That’s just what happens, if you look at history. Meanwhile, progressive thinkers will keep trying to put up humanistic candidates like Sanders and Corbyn, the rich will keep paying to have them smashed down and maniac populists like Trump will benefit.

Maybe Biden will crawl over the line for the Democrats in this election. Maybe he won’t. But either way I can’t see much good coming out of it for the average person. Sure, I know: Trump is the worst. But it’s at the point now where just being able to say your figurehead candidate isn’t quite as bad as the worst isn’t enough anymore.

And Trump is the worst from whose perspective? From mine, sure. But from some innocent bystander in Tehran, just getting on with life, maybe not. I suspect the Iranians have been waiting for the bombs for a while now, and I have a feeling that a Biden White House might make them feel a bit more anxious and apprehensive.

However you want to look at it, this pandemic-year presidential election in the United States of America has been a nasty spectacle since, more than anything, it puts the rot at the heart of the great republic on clear and horrible display.

How does a mess like this get fixed? Not with more of the same, that’s for sure.

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