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Dressing up: a goofy costume gallery

People love dressing up, but not everybody can score a role on stage. Family photo albums are a rich source of images of amateur actors, young and old, pretending for a time to be somebody else. Of course, almost all of these photos would raise eyebrows today for cultural appropriation.

She’s a fairy, of course, with spotless outfit in a lovely woodland setting. From a glass plate negative, circa 1910.

Remember “F Troop”? This classic 1960s colour slide by Eric Sutherland shows youngsters Kerry Stahlut and Mark Sullivan at Newcastle’s East End. The young photobomber in the background steals the show, of course, not to mention the rare rear view of the old Beaches guest house.

This was a costume contest aboard a ship in the 1920s.

Spot the former Australian Prime Minister lookalike. No, not Mickey Mouse.

Bloody college students! Causing mischief at an inter-college meeting in Newcastle in the 1960s.

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