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Sailor Bill saw the ghost of his old ship

Two boys on the Newcastle waterfront circa 1937 - with the ship Danmark in the background. SOMETHING about the photograph kept drawing Bill Lieb's eyes back. The picture was in our book, Recovered Memories, published in 2011 as a companion volume to our earlier book, Newcastle, the Missing Years. At first glance it was just a pleasant picture of two young boys sitting on the wharf at Newcastle Harbour, sometime in the 1930s. But after looking for some time at the photo Bill, then 87 and now deceased, felt his skin prickle with sudden recognition. Across…

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Bill put ships in bottles

BILL Weaver’s great-grandfather owned and operated four coastal trading ships, back in Great Britain’s days of sail. Bill’s grandfather – a skipper on his father’s little fleet – won a British Empire Medal in World War I for spotting a German submarine prowling around in Solway Firth. His sharp eyes saved a troopship from destruction. […]To access this post, you must purchase Website Membership.

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