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Peter Dutton and His Master's Voice. By Peter Lewis.

Why I’m voting Yes to the Voice

An angry old white bloke had a go at me the other day. He didn’t like my “Free Assange” T-shirt. His reaction took me a little bit by surprise. I’d forgotten I was wearing that shirt. And I’d also forgotten about that other country, the alternative Australia that exists alongside mine but where things look different. Of course I visit that old colonial outpost every day, but I slip across the border like a ghost in disguise, conduct my business and head home again. “What do you mean, ‘Free Assange?’”, he snorted at me. I had…

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That's gotta hurt! Cartoonist Peter Lewis's twist on Ben Roberts-Smith's Archibald portrait.

Keeping us in the dark about war crimes

June 12, 2023. Comment by Greg Ray The establishment is angry. It is unhappy that former SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith lost his defamation action against the Nine media group. It is unhappy that the allegations of war crimes – including murder of unarmed civilians – are now clearly and unambiguously pinned on the chest of the decorated former soldier alongside his much-lauded but now rather tarnished Victoria Cross.    In retrospect, it seems that the decision to launch the defamation action – funded by millions of dollars from the pockets of Australian billionaire Kerry Stokes –…

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Hypocracy as a form of government

The imprisonment, torture and slow-motion state-sanctioned murder of truth-telling Australian journalist Julian Assange is a live demonstration of the depths to which Western so-called "democracies" have sunk. Hypocrisy is now such an emblem of their everyday behaviour that I propose renaming their systems of rule as "hypocracy". Today, for example (June 1, 2023) I read in my daily news "feed" that the United States military is so troubled by allegations of war crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan that US forces might be prevented from working with the accused unit - the Australian Special Air…

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