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Anzac Day march in Newcomen Street, Newcastle, 1959

Park to Beach: Anzac Day in Newcastle

From our book, The Hunter Region in The Great War Most of the work of the returned services association in its early years was focused on supporting its direct constituency. But another major role was remembering and honouring the sacrifices and achievements of those who had fought and who were still fighting in a war whose scale and nature was without precedent.From the moment that news arrived in Australia of the action at Gallipoli it was clear that this was an event with immense resonance. Australian families had sent thousands of their sons to fight battles…

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Time to break free from the robber state

Opinion by Greg Ray The biggest mistake Newcastle ever made was in 1967 when its voters helped kill the idea of Northern NSW seceding from the Sydney-dominated south. After decades of agitation and a huge push, the so-called “Northern Separation Movement” had managed to force a formal referendum on the issue. People in the north of the state had brought the issue up repeatedly from the time that Queensland split from NSW. Their complaint was and has always been the same: that the Sydney-based government extracts far more from regional areas than it puts back, that…

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The word from Australia’s masters

Opinion by Greg Ray The floggings will continue until morale improves. That’s the word from Australia’s real government – the energy and mining industry. According to the head of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Ian Davies, “political attacks” on the energy industry could kill investment and make consumer prices go even higher than they are now. In other words, shut up and take your lumps, otherwise we will belt you harder. Naturally, in the lala-land of the Murdoch press this warning is reported with solemn gravity. Don’t be nasty to the big bosses or…

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