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Unlearned observations on the law

Comment by Greg Ray Far be it from me to criticise the Australian justice and law enforcement systems. Mainly because I wouldn’t want to be sued for defamation if somebody chose to take personally any criticism I might make. The most I will do is observe that I am sometimes quite intrigued by things that occur in the twin realms of law enforcement and justice; things that lead me to ponder what implications might flow for other situations in future. In recent times I’ve been moved to such pondering by a variety of instances and last…

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Two up, anybody? Come in spinner.

Lest we forget, war is horrific

ANZAC Day seems a good time to observe, again, how trends in international relations in 2023 appear to resemble those of a hundred years ago. Just as in 1914, some people with an eye to history were looking back a century to Napoleon and Waterloo, we too can cast a backwards glance and be dismayed at what we see. Today we find ourselves once again apparently being pushed by the tides of politics and economics into what could be another incredibly destructive war. If you read a little about the lead-up to World War 1 you…

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Lost pipeline, lost lifeline

So the Nordstream pipelines were sabotaged. One of them, Nordstream 2, was pretty much brand-new, and was built with Russian and European money to take gas from Russia to Germany via the bed of the Baltic Sea, without having to pay transit fees to Ukraine. Nordstream 2 followed Nordstream 1, which was already providing Europe – especially Germany – with immense volumes of cheap gas and thereby underwriting European industrial production, energy security and prosperity. America hated Nordstream 2 from the start and tried hard to stop it happening. It argued that Europe was making itself…

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