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Buying photos from our website

Our digital library contains tens of thousands of images, with new scans being uploaded regularly.

You can search the images already online using the convenient search boxes at left, or contact us at 0418 160 087 to check whether we have a special photo you are searching for.

When you buy a photo from our website you will be redirected to a download link. The download will allow you to create a generous A4-sized print at 300dpi. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete your download.

If you would prefer to buy a print, contact us at this email info@phototimetunnel.com and we will provide a quote to have it delivered to you by post.

Please note that the downloadable image is provided for personal use only.  For commercial applications please email or call us to discuss your requirements.

Large prints for business premises and other commercial purposes are a speciality, and we can arrange printing or supply very high-resolution files for this purpose.

Prices will vary, but as a rough guide mural prints start at $550 for an image of one square metre. Note that images scanned at the very high resolutions necessary for mural applications almost always require some repair work to remove blemishes and scratches. This work is charged at $60 per hour.

We also provide digital restoration services, creating vibrant images from damaged old photos.