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Broome, 1956

Around Australia with a caravan, in 1956

In 21st century Australia, when fully outfitted four-wheel-drive vehicles are common in the carparks of urban shopping centres, the idea of setting off on a long journey through the outback conjures up images of snorkels, winches, raised suspensions, solar satellite apparatus and all the rest. It might seem hard to believe how little equipment some people took with them for similar trips in years gone by when roads were infinitely worse than they are today. In 1956 Newcastle couple Bert and Hazel King decided the best thing to do with Herbert’s six months’ long service leave…

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Dalkeith Hilder, Aeropelican founder

Dalkeith Llewellyn Hilder became famous in the Newcastle area for creating the Belmont airstrip at Lake Macquarie and for founding the Aeropelican commuter airline that operated there. But aside from those signature achievements he was a driven man with many business achievements to his name. Speaking of his name, he was seldom referred to as Dalkeith. His family knew him as "Dal", while most other people - including work and business associates - called him "Keith". (Confusingly, his son was named Keith, but people outside his family called him "Bill".) According to a short biography supplied…

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Fishing on the wharf at Newcastle. Photo by Russ Hughes.

Fishing for old photos, and the ones that get away

Sometimes I think collecting old photographic images is a little like fishing. There’s a lot of waiting and hoping, a lot of lines cast to no avail, a lot of hauling in tiddlers of minor interest and, very occasionally, the excitement of landing something really extraordinary. There are also the ones that get away. Like the time I was sitting in a person’s lounge room, perusing some nice old postcards they were selling, when I noticed a plastic container full of old photographic negatives on a chair opposite. Seeing me look in that direction the person…

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