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Nothing makes sense anymore

"This constant lying is not aimed at making the people believe a lie, but at ensuring that no one believes anything anymore. A people that can no longer distinguish between truth and lies cannot distinguish between right and wrong. And such a people, deprived of the power to think and judge, is, without knowing and willing it, completely subjected to the rule of lies. With such a people, you can do whatever you want." Hannah Arendt, 1906-1975. These days most events that happen in the world of geopolitics look staged to me. None of the big…

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Col Maybury in July 2024

A bushwalk takes Col back in time

Back in about 1970, Colin Maybury went on an overnight bushwalk with his two daughters in the Gloucester Tops area of NSW. Searching for dry kindling in an abandoned hut, he found three very old letters. Sensing these may have been of interest to other people, he transcribed them and wrote an article around them. He had planned to wait until 1987 - a hundred years since the first of the letters was written - but his elderly mother asked him to publish them earlier, since she wanted to see them in print "while I'm still…

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Main artwork by Peter Lewis

Scams are big business, so beware

A friend of mine got a message via Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It was from a friend of friend, whose name he recognised. This friend of a friend wanted his phone number. Not suspecting anything untoward, my friend shared his mobile number. Next, the person told him he had lost access to his own Facebook account and needed a code, which he was currently unable to receive. Could be please have the code forwarded to my friend, as a favour? My trusting friend decided to help out. Guess what happened next? What happened was…

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