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Fun on the beach: a gallery of vintage seaside photos

Most collections of amateur vintage photographs and negatives that come my way have beach pictures among them. People love the beach, and they love taking photos at the beach. The quality of the photos, I admit, is not always fantastic, but there’s a nostalgic charm about these seaside pictures that draws me in. Here is a few examples from my collection – and some kindly loaned by other people too.

Newcastle Beach, circa 1904. You could bathe without togs, if you were young enough, but the hat was harder to do without.

Newcastle’s Merewether Beach, circa 1906. Love the sheen on the foreground rocks and the slow shutter speed makes the water look like cotton wool.

This photo was taken on Newcastle Beach on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918.

The parasols were a pretty touch, while the fashion lasted.

What’s better than a wet dog? A wet sandy dog, of course.

Bathing sheds graced some Australian beaches, a boon for those who craved a little privacy while dressing and undressing.

Now that’s what I call a beach buggy.

Blokes with smokes.

At the beach in Newcastle in the 1930s. A lot going on here.

This one makes me laugh, every time I see it.

Bar Beach, Newcastle, New Years Day 1948. Image from Ron Morrison.

The photo-bomber strikes again.

Strong bloke and friends. The strain is apparent. Image from Rohan Anderson.

Darwin girls spending Christmas in Newcastle, 1970. Photo by Ron Morrison.

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  1. Robyn Single

    Fantastic Photos Greg.. Sure takes me back.. Born in 1940, as I reached 14 ( 1954) swimmer pants were getting smaller and smaller. First the two piece, then the waist dropped down past the navel, (with girls being removed from Newcastle & Sydney Beaches), but the side continued to drop. New swimmers came on the market, with the sides smaller every year, first it was 4″ sides, then 3″ , until suddenly we had no sides, just bows tied at the hips – lots of fun I can tell you.

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