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Postcards from the Past, by Greg and Sylvia Ray

I’ve long been fascinated by postcards – especially old ones. They speak of a time when communication was a more leisurely business than it is today, and yet they symbolise the desire of people for quick and snappy means of staying in touch. Printed in vast numbers in the early years of last century, postcards were a collecting craze too, and many families still have old albums full of these intriguing ambassadors from the past.

Our 13th book, Postcards from the Past, is a collection of cards depicting Newcastle, NSW, and its Hunter Region hinterland. The collection is curated with a view to showing long-lost scenes, and also to provide a small window into the lives of the people who wrote and sent them to each other. With that in mind, the book highlights not only the images on the front of the cards, but also some of the messages on the back.

Here is a rather random selection of images from the book.

One of my favourite messages, from a rather annoyed young lady to a certain Mr Bowes.

Some happy news from hospital

Lots of Newcastle cards, in many categories, from street scenes to harbour views and shipping.

Accidents and disasters too . . .

NEW BOOK: Postcards from the Past - Newcastle and the Hunter Region

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