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Setting the scene for recession and World War 3

The world is in a mess, and it looks like getting a lot messier sometime soon. Faced with the potential rise of economic rivals and the existential threat of the loss of its currency's global reserve status, the US Empire has pulled out all the stops. In Europe, the risk of post-Soviet Russia integrating economically with Europe and forming a rival bloc has been met with an effective counter through the Ukraine provocation and the rapid expansion of the Empire's Cold War military apparatus. At the very least, Russia will be crushed and contained. At the…

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Dulcie Hartley’s memories of the Depression

Some years ago my late dear friend Dulcie Hartley shared these memories of the Great Depression with me. Dulcie was an amateur historian with wide-ranging interests. She wrote a number of very good books. Her Depression recollections are so interesting I'd like to share them more widely. Thanks to Dulcie's daughter Venessa for her help. My birth in January 1929 heralded the onset of a most disastrous year for the Goddard family. An unplanned addition, I joined my eight year old sister Vera and completed the family group. During the same year my father, Sidney Goddard,…

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The Great White “Buy Australian” Train

"Buy Australian" movements are nothing new. They’ve been around as long as Australia has had any sort of industry to protect. But there have seldom been any efforts of the sort as spectacular as the Great White Exhibition Train that made a grand tour of NSW in 1926, designed to encourage people to buy products made in Australia. The Great White Train – pulling 20 carriages showcasing the best in Australian manufacturing and commerce – was the most visible enterprise of a group of businessmen and patriots who called themselves the “Australian Made Preference League”. The…

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